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Meaning of Samuel Brannan Money Quote: saying sending church money requires a receipt signed by God. Samuel Brannan said:
Brigham Young that I'll give up the Lord's money when he sends me a receipt signed by the Lord, and no sooner Quote

“You go back and tell Brigham Young that I’ll give up the Lord’s money when he sends me a receipt signed by the Lord, and no sooner” — Samuel Brannan


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In this quote, Samuel Brannan seems to be responding defiantly to a request from Brigham Young, the leader of the Mormon church. The best interpretation is that Brannan is sarcastically saying he will only relinquish funds from the church (referred to as “the Lord’s money”) if God himself directly asks for it back through a signed receipt.

By implying only a note signed by the Lord would make him return the money, Brannan appears to be stubbornly refusing Young’s demand and questioning his authority to command how the funds are used if God did not personally sign off on it. Overall, Brannan seems to be employing hyperbole and irreverence to firmly decline Young’s order.

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