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This page contains various quotes about money from famous figures. It is organized into different categories of quotes from politicians like Benjamin Franklin and Donald Trump, as well as well-known people like Warren Buffett and Martin Luther King Jr.

The quotes are meant to be inspirational and cover topics like wealth, poverty, spending, saving, and the relationship between money and other aspects of life. The page also has sections with quotes on specific money-related words and concepts like debt, taxes, greed, and banking. In summary, it is a collection of money quotes from diverse sources intended to provide different perspectives on financial topics.

Well known and inspiring people have offered some profound thoughts on finances. Taken together, let them serve as our money muse. Whether you’re scrimping and saving, have money to invest, or are looking to attract wealth – money quotes can be inspirational and educational. 


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According to research, Americans think more about money than any other aspect of their lives. Money affects everything: from the clothing you buy to where you live. 26.4% of the 5003 US adults surveyed by GoBankingRates said they think about their finances most often. This was slightly more than said they think about work the most (26.2%) and more than those who think about their love life (14%) or health and fitness (17%).

Americans think about money more than any other aspect of their lives. There are a few possible reasons for this:

  • Money is needed to pay for basic necessities like housing, food, healthcare, so it is something many Americans worry about on a daily basis.
  • Americans value financial independence and see money as a measure of success, so thinking about finances can be motivated by career and life goals.
  • Media and advertising frequently promote the idea that more money leads to happiness and success, keeping financial issues top of mind.
  • Financial insecurity has risen as costs increase for many expenses like education and healthcare. This likely contributes to Americans feeling they need to constantly focus on money matters

Perhaps those statistics mentioned above show that we have an unhealthy obsession with money or that ‘money makes the world go round. These are funny, entertaining and educational money quotes rather than financial advice. Quotes about money from well-known writers, politicians, comedians, musicians, and celebrities. There are things said by everyone from Jesus to Mark Twain to Confucius to Bill Gates to Warren Buffett.


Money Quote Collections from Politicians

If you’re searching for quotations about money, you’ll find money sayings, money cliches and funny money quotes, we’ll inspire, entertain you with quotes about money. Your own opinion of money throughout your life. Whether you’re striving to make a million dollars or see money as a way to have a more comfortable life, your ideas about money will shape your future. Studies have shown that people develop their ideas about money from a young age and those ideas are often passed down from their parents.

Money Quote Collections from Well Known People

If you’ve grown up in poverty, you may feel that success means working hard and struggling to make enough money. Perhaps having too much money is perceived as bad, money requires greed, and think that those who are rich must be deceiving. Here, we offer you love and money quotes from famous people. If you want to know what the celebrities really think about money. Celebrities and CEO’s have escaped the poverty mindset and have achieved financial freedom.

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Quotes about money can be extremely profound and powerful. They can even help people change their outlook on life, their attitude about money and how they spend or save their own money.

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