John Dingell - Government has largely been put up for sale


Money and finance is evolving currency & financial technology (fintech), changing business, banks & banking regulations. A single sentence quip or quote from a senator, judge, author or comedian can summarize otherwise dense economic policy and clarify public opinion on the economy. Wall Street money quotes from government, bankers and financial regulators on where money, currency and banking are going.

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  • Robin Williams: Divorce Expensive

    Robin Williams: Divorce Expensive

    Meaning of Robin Williams Money Quote: saying divorce is quite expensive and may even take more than expected, both financially and emotionally. Robin Williams said: …
  • Queen Elizabeth: Grief, Price Love

    Queen Elizabeth: Grief, Price Love

    Queen Elizabeth Money Quote saying RIP to Queen Elizabeth on September 8, 2022 – we grieve her passing with an appropriate quote from her. Queen …
  • Alice Walker: Writing Healthy

    Alice Walker: Writing Healthy

    Meaning of Alice Walker Money Quote: saying writing for yourself can improve your mental health, especially if not done to make money. Alice Walker said: …
  • Steven Wright: Give Good Jokes

    Steven Wright: Give Good Jokes

    Meaning of Steven Wright Money Quote: saying Jokes are valuable, so it wouldn't seem right to just give them away or sell them
  • Robin Williams: Make Movie Money

    Robin Williams: Make Movie Money

    Meaning of Robin Williams Money Quote: saying even if you don't like making movies, sometimes it's necessary for the money

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