Jerry Lewis: Gambling Losing Fortunes

Posted by admin on Sunday, August 20, 2017

Jerry Lewis Money Quote saying to gamble is our nature and he’s won a lot and lost large sums of money while gambling because of his love of playing the odds. Jerry Lewis said:
Gambling is part of the human condition. I love it. I have the best time gambling. I've been winning fortunes, and I've been losing them Quote

“Gambling is part of the human condition. I love it. I have the best time gambling. I’ve been winning fortunes, and I’ve been losing them” — Jerry Lewis


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In this quote, Jerry Lewis is openly sharing his enthusiasm and mixed experiences with gambling. When he says it’s “part of the human condition,” Lewis seems to mean that the temptation to take risks for potential reward is natural for people.

He expresses genuinely enjoying gambling for both the thrill and social aspects. Lewis acknowledges he has been very fortunate at times, winning “fortunes.” However, he also admits to suffering big losses after taking chances, showing gambling’s inherent uncertainty.

Overall, the tone suggests Lewis found gambling entertaining but recognized the financial ups and downs. The quote reflects Lewis’ candid perspective that, for him, gambling was a recreational activity that could produce wins or losses as part of its unpredictable nature.

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