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Posted by admin on Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Glen Campbell Money Quote saying after his third divorce he believed his choice in women was a financial failure for him and a win for the women who don’t love him. Glen Campbell said:
Every three years I marry a girl who doesn't love me and she proceeds to take all my money Quote

“Every three years I go and marry a girl who doesn’t love me, and then she proceeds to take all my money” — Glen Campbell


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This quote seems to be referring to Glen Campbell’s multiple marriages and divorces throughout his life. Specifically, it suggests that he tended to marry women who did not truly love him, but rather were more interested in his wealth and fame as a successful musician.

The quote implies that these marriages would then end in divorce after around three years, during which time the wives would take a significant portion of his money and assets through the divorce settlement.

Overall, it appears to be commenting wryly on Campbell’s tendency to enter into marriages for the wrong reasons and without properly assessing his partner’s character and intentions, which ultimately led to financial losses for him through divorce.

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