Jerry West: No One Pay Me To Play

Posted by admin on Wednesday, June 12, 2024

Meaning of Jerry West Money Quote: saying he resisted saying anything negative about his team but emphasized he did not play for the money. Jerry West said:

“I don’t really want to go into my problems with the team at the time except to say that no one’s ever had to pay me to play basketball” — Jerry West


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In this quote, Jerry West seems to be referring to problems or conflicts he had with an NBA team he played for at some point in his career. The key part is when he says “no one’s ever had to pay me to play basketball”.

The best interpretation is that while he was experiencing issues with the team, his true passion and motivation for playing the sport was an internal love of the game itself, not financial compensation. Basketball brought him joy and he would have played even without a salary, since no one ever needed to pay him extra or bribe him to take the court.

The implication is that the problems with the team were challenging him, but his commitment to the sport as his true calling and passion transcended any external difficulties or monetary incentives. The money was secondary – he played for the love of basketball primarily, not because he had to be paid to do so. It was a reminder that his motivation came from within, beyond any workplace politics or disputes.

Birthday: May 28, 1938 – Death: June 12, 2024

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