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Glen Campbell: Marry Girl – Takes Money

Posted by admin on Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Glen Campbell Money Quote saying after his third divorce he believed his choice in women was a financial failure for him and a win for the women who don’t love him. Glen Campbell said:
Every three years I marry a girl who doesn't love me and she proceeds to take all my money Quote

“Every three years I go and marry a girl who doesn’t love me, and then she proceeds to take all my money” — Glen Campbell


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In this quote, Joseph Campbell is expressing the view that solely working for money can turn a person into a kind of slave. When someone “takes a job in order to live, that is to say, just for the money,” their main motivation is financial survival or gain rather than personal fulfillment or passion.

Campbell suggests that this kind of relationship to one’s work, where the job is a means to an end of earning income rather than something meaningful or enjoyable, can diminish one’s freedom and sense of autonomy.

The quote advocates pursuing a career that aligns with one’s interests and talents, so work enriches life rather than feeling like a necessary obligation driven only by financial need.

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