Calvin Coolidge: Wealth From Industry

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Calvin Coolidge Money Quote saying working hard leads to wealth if not tossed away with extravagant spending. Calvin Coolidge said:
Wealth comes from Industry Waste Toil Quote

“Wealth comes from industry and the hard experience of human toil. To dissipate it in waste and extravagance is disloyalty to humanity” ~ Calvin Coolidge


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In this quote, Calvin Coolidge is emphasizing that wealth is generated through diligent human labor and industry rather than by chance or luck alone. He suggests that to squander wealth on frivolous excess or indulgence would be a betrayal of the effort and sacrifice of those who worked to create that prosperity.

Coolidge conveys the idea that wealth holds a responsibility – it represents the stored value of people’s industriousness and productivity over time. Therefore, to carelessly dissipate accumulated riches on wastefulness would show ingratitude for humanity’s ongoing toil to improve conditions through work.

The quote portrays prudent management and preservation of wealth as respecting the contributions of all whose combined efforts make advanced economies possible. Overall, Coolidge seems to be advocating for stewardship of prosperity as an obligation to past and future generations who strive for sustainable progress through dedicated work and innovation.

Born July 4, 1872 – Died January 5, 1933


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