Babylonian Talmud: Wine, Purse & Anger

Posted by admin on Friday, November 6, 2015

Babylonian Talmud Money Quotation saying it is human nature to reveal themselves through drunkeness, through their spending habits and what elicits anger. Babylonian Talmud said:
In three things is a man revealed: in his wine goblet, in his purse, and in his wrath Quote

“In three things is a man revealed: in his wine goblet, in his purse, and in his wrath” — Babylonian Talmud


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In this verse from the Babylonian Talmud, the best interpretation is that there are three contexts or scenarios that truly reveal a person’s character. When a person is drinking wine, their inhibitions may be lowered, exposing their true nature. Similarly, how a person handles money and wealth in their “purse” can reveal qualities like greed or generosity.

And how a person expresses anger, whether they lose control of their emotions or remain calm and rational, also exposes something fundamental about them. The Talmud is saying that under the influences of alcohol, money/possessions, and anger/wrath, a person’s inner self may be laid bare in a way it is not at other times. Their true qualities and disposition can become evident in these three revealing situations.

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