Thomas Jefferson: Pay War Losses

Posted by admin on Thursday, May 13, 2021

Thomas Jefferson Money Quote saying that even those wars with good results can pay for itself and losses of war. Thomas Jefferson said:
The most successful war seldom pays for its losses Quote

“The most successful war seldom pays for its losses” — Thomas Jefferson


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This quote from Thomas Jefferson suggests that while military victories may be won on the battlefield, the overall costs of war often outweigh the gains. Jefferson appears to be acknowledging that while war can achieve political or territorial objectives, the financial burdens, loss of life, long-term healthcare for veterans, and other impacts rarely make war a worthwhile investment even for the victor.

The message seems to be that nations should enter armed conflict only as an absolute last resort, since the consequences of war tend to linger and undermine prosperity long after any fighting ends.

Overall, the quote conveys Jefferson’s view that war should not be glorified or seen as a path to enrichment, but rather understood as a tragic last option due to the severe toll it takes on societies regardless of victory.

Birthday: April 13, 1743 – Death: July 4, 1826

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