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Posted by admin on Friday, November 4, 2022

Meaning of Rodney Dangerfield Money Quote: saying buy only petite clothing and keep your proof of purchase so your wife can replace it in her size. Rodney Dangerfield said:
Never guess your wife's size. Just buy anything marked petite and hold on to the receipt Quote

“Never guess your wife’s size. Just buy anything marked petite and hold on to the receipt” — Rodney Dangerfield


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In this quote, Rodney Dangerfield is known for his self-deprecating humor. The best interpretation is that he is jokingly suggesting that a man should avoid attempting to determine his wife’s clothing size, as this is prone to error.

Instead, it’s safer to simply purchase the most diminutive size available, just to be sure it will fit, while also keeping the receipt so the item can easily be exchanged if need be. Dangerfield implies that guessing a wife’s size incorrectly could result in her displeasure, so the receipt provides a “way out” just in case.

Overall, he is using exaggeration for comedic effect to highlight how difficult and risky it can be for a husband to shop for his wife’s attire.

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