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This Money Word even inspired a song with the lyrics in part as follows:
1 millionCash on the bench,
my first app thanks!

Mostly loaded,
by a hundred thousand fans.
App Store number 1
It was reportedly used first by Robert Haught, reporting in the Daily Oklahoman on Clinton & Dole in the 1996 election.
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Money Word “Millionerd” — Robert Haught


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The money word “millionerd” seems to have been first used by Robert Haught to refer to someone who has become a millionaire, likely through their own efforts and business success rather than inheriting wealth. Some potential insights:

  • It combines the words “millionaire” with the suffix “-erd”, possibly to connote the individual earned their wealth through hard work and entrepreneurship.
  • Using an unconventional portmanteau word like this helps create an identity or label for self-made millionaires distinguished from those who received wealth from others.
  • It may have been coined in part to celebrate and promote the idea of building one’s own financial fortune from the ground up through effort, skills and risk-taking.
  • The term suggests becoming a millionaire was an achievement or milestone for the individual, one they “earned” rather than having millionaire status handed to them.

So in summary, “millionerd” appears to have been created by Robert Haught as a lighthearted yet identifying label for millionaires who obtained their wealth through entrepreneurial efforts rather than inheritance.

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