Tony Bennett: Lawyers vs Artists

Posted by admin on Thursday, July 8, 2010

Tony Bennett Money Quotation aims scorn at the business side of music making required to make money while siding with the music makers.
Producers, engineers, lawyers and accountants all make money, but the artists don't Quote

“Producers, engineers, lawyers and accountants all make money, but the artists don’t” — Tony Bennett


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In this quote, Tony Bennett seems to be commenting on an imbalance he perceives in the music industry. A few key points:

  • He notes that while “producers, engineers, lawyers and accountants” financially benefit from music as professionals involved in its production and business dealings, “the artists don’t” earn comparable amounts.
  • This implies that in Bennett’s view, the creative musicians and performers who generate the art itself often do not receive fair compensation relative to other roles.
  • The quote portrays artists as not being properly rewarded monetarily for their work, despite others profiting from their creative output.

Overall, Bennett appears to be criticizing a system where the commercial and legal facilitators of music make “money” but the creative talents at the core of the art form are not always paid or valued commensurately for their contributions in his opinion. The quote highlights a perceived imbalance between artistic and financial recognition in the industry.

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