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D.H. Lawrence Money Quote saying that for most of us as adults, there is no shortage of money available for anything needed – quote from ‘Women in Love’. D.H. Lawrence said:
Money is lying about at one's service. Take no thought for money - that always lies to hand Quote

“When one is grown up, money is lying about at one’s service. It is only when one is young that it is rare. Take no thought for money – that always lies to hand” — D.H. Lawrence


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In this quote, D.H. Lawrence is contrasting the relationship people have with money at different stages of life. When referring to youth, he says “money is rare” – implying that as young individuals still developing skills and experience, financial resources can be scarce.

However, Lawrence notes that “when one is grown up, money is lying about at one’s service.” The interpretation here is that Lawrence viewed adulthood as a phase where one’s established career, expertise and industry allow for money to be more readily available through wages, clients and financial stability accrued over time.

His message conveys that youth is often defined by a lack of monetary independence, while maturity brings the means to more easily access funds through one’s proven abilities and accomplishments.

Overall, Lawrence encourages the young not to be overly preoccupied with monetary concerns, since financial security naturally lies ahead for those who focus on self-improvement and contributing value as they gain experience and opportunities over the course of adulthood.

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