Ari Melber: Russian Oligarch Fixer Movie

Posted by admin on Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Ari Melber Money Quote saying payments from a Russian Oligarch to Michael Cohen prior to election seems so unlikely as to be bad tv movie material. Ari Melber said:
A Russian oligarch funneling money to President's fixer would be too obvious for the last scene in this movie Quote

“A Russian oligarch funneling money to the exact shell account set up by the President’s fixer in October 2016 to pay off Stormy Daniels would be too obvious for the last scene in this movie” — Ari Melber


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In this quote, Ari Melber is commenting on the complexities and improbabilities of the Trump-Russia scandal. Some key points:

He refers to a hypothetical scenario where a Russian oligarch directly funneled money into the shell company account set up by Michael Cohen (Trump’s “fixer”) to pay off Stormy Daniels.

Melber notes this scenario would be too overtly incriminating and “obvious” even for a dramatic film portrayal of the events, because it would present an excessively clear-cut money trail between Russia and the payoff.

By invoking this unrealistic movie metaphor, Melber suggests the actual facts surrounding Russian involvement in the 2016 election and related payoffs have been convoluted enough to avoid a definitive smoking gun.

Overall, Melber appears to be wryly commenting that the Trump-Russia connections in reality have been murkier and more circumspect than even the most overt fictional depiction of wrongdoing would present, making definitive legal proof more difficult to establish.

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