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Adam Zyglis Buffalo News

  • “China, the European Union and others have been manipulating their currencies and interest rates lower, while the U.S. is raising rates while the dollars gets stronger and stronger with each passing day – taking away our big competitive edge. As usual, not a level playing field…”

Trump: ‘We’re playing with the bank’s money’ on market’s gain since election to fight trade war from CNBC.

  • “This is the time, This is the time. You’ve heard the expression ‘We’re playing with the bank’s money.’ We’re up almost 40%”
  • So the answer is before the election, I’ll release. And I’d like to release. But really, you learn very little from a tax return. You know, I’ve released my financials, and my financials show tremendous numbers, very little debt, you don’t learn very much from your tax returns
  • “In interview I told @AP that my taxes are under routine audit and I would release my tax returns when audit is complete, not after election!”

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“You ever notice they always call the other side ‘the elite.’ The elite! Why are they elite? I have a much better apartment than they do. I’m smarter than they are. I’m richer than they are. I became president and they didn’t” — Donald Trump

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  • “I did what was an almost an impossible thing to do for a Republican-easily won the Electoral College! Now Tax Returns are brought up again?”

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