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Mike Todd: Spend as if I Had it

Posted by admin on Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Mike Todd Money Quote saying it is almost as if I actually had money to spend the way I spend it. Mike Todd said:
I spend money as if I had it Quote

“I spend money as if I had it” — Mike Todd


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In this humorous quote, actor and film producer Mike Todd seems to be acknowledging his tendency to spend lavishly without restraint, even if his financial situation may not always support such extravagance. Some key points:

  • Todd directly states that he spends money as if he had abundant funds available, implying a cavalier attitude towards budgeting and living within his means.
  • By saying he spends as if money was no object, it conveys Todd had a proclivity for lavishness and indulgence without concern for his actual bank balance.
  • There is an implied self-awareness and humor in Todd openly admitting he spends freely without fully considering what he can realistically afford.

Overall, the quote captures Todd’s self-deprecating admission that he liked to splurge and enjoy luxuries without necessarily having the wealth to always back it up – conveying his relaxed, indulgent personality through lighthearted comments about his spending habits. It was said tongue-in-cheek rather than as a boast.

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