Paul McCracken: Economic Honesty

Posted by admin on Saturday, October 2, 2010

Paul McCracken Money Quote saying Although he was an economic advisor, he didn’t want to be called an economist because they seemed to have a bit less honesty than he felt necessary. Paul McCracken said:
I am not an Economist. I am an honest man! Quote

“I am not an Economist. I am an honest man!” — Paul McCracken


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This quote suggests that Paul McCracken is making a joke about economists. He implies that to be an economist, one cannot also be honest. The humor comes from the stereotype that economists may spin or selectively present information to support a particular viewpoint, while an “honest man” would not do this.

So McCracken is poking fun at the field of economics and economists through self-deprecating humor, pointing out a perceived flaw or limitation of being an economist according to some stereotypes.

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