Publilius Syrus: Debt is Slavery of Free

Posted by admin on Sunday, November 26, 2017

Publilius Syrus Money Quote saying we are free to get in over our heads and those who do can become slaves to debt, even though freedom is theirs. Publilius Syrus said:
Debt is the slavery of the free Quote

“Debt is the slavery of the free” — Publilius Syrus


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This quote from Publilius Syrus suggests that taking on debt can compromise one’s freedom or independence. Being deeply in debt means owing large sums of money to others, which may force one to continue working primarily to pay off debts rather than having the flexibility to freely choose how to spend their time or money.

Excessive debt could essentially make a person a “slave” to their creditors, needing to dedicate most of their resources towards repayment until the debt is cleared. The quote serves as a warning about the potential loss of autonomy and flexibility that can come with being heavily burdened by financial obligations to others.

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