Marine Le Pen: Intelligent Protectionism

Posted by admin on Friday, April 28, 2017

Marine Le Pen Money Quote saying during 2017 French election the far-right candidate suggests defaulting on French debt to save French companies after exiting the European Union. Marine Le Pen said:
re-establishing a national currency adapted to our economy, to underpin our competitiveness Quote

Support French companies faced with unfair international competition by putting in place intelligent protectionism and re-establishing a national currency adapted to our economy, to underpin our competitiveness” — Marine Le Pen


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In this quote, Marine Le Pen is advocating for economic policies to support French companies and bolster France’s competitiveness on the global stage. By calling for “intelligent protectionism” through measures to put French firms on a more equal footing with international competitors, as well as “re-establishing a national currency adapted to our economy,” Le Pen implies France needs defensive strategies and autonomy over its monetary system.

The interpretation is that Le Pen views strategic trade barriers and independence from the euro as means to counter foreign advantages and empower French businesses competing globally. Her perspective conveys a belief in a strong national economic agenda to shield domestic industries and bolster France’s position through policies tailoring financial tools to suit its own circumstances according to her assessment.

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