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Posted by admin on Thursday, May 28, 2015

Marianne Williamson Money Quotation saying #GetMoneyOut of Politics clearly by a candidate who saw firsthand the cost of ‘free speech’ in her campaign for Congress. Marianne Williamson said:
Marianne Williamson Getting money out of politics is the greatest moral challenge of our generation quote

“Getting money out of politics is the greatest moral challenge of our generation” — Marianne Williamson


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In this quote, author and activist Marianne Williamson is declaring that reducing the influence of money in politics is the most important moral issue currently facing society. Her view seems to be that vast financial resources skewing policy outcomes and elections undermines principles of equal representation, justice and fairness that a democratic system aims to uphold.

Williamson implies that as long as wealthy special interests and donors can essentially “buy” political power through campaign spending, average citizens will have their interests sidelined and priorities like reducing inequality and corruption cannot adequately be addressed.

She appears to believe restoring integrity and faith in government requires campaign finance and electoral reforms that curb monetary domination of the process so the public interest is better served. The quote conveys Williamson’s perspective that getting big money out of politics is an urgent ethical challenge central to upholding democratic values in America.

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