Jay Z: Treat Badly, Pay Well Not Happiness

Posted by admin on Sunday, January 28, 2018

Jay Z Money Quote saying on CNN with Van Jones asked about Trump’s comment on low black unemployment numbers suggesting that should bring happiness – whle disrespecting people & behaving like a racist. Jay Z said:
Treat me bad and pay me well is not going to lead to happiness Quote
“You treat people like human beings. That’s the main point, It goes back to the whole thing — ‘treat me really bad and pay me well.’ It’s not going to lead to happiness” — Jay Z


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Jay Z is saying that simply paying someone well financially does not equate to treating them well as human beings or leading to true happiness. While high compensation is important, he suggests what matters most is showing basic human respect, dignity and care for others. Jay Z’s quote implies that a job could pay extremely well yet still make someone unhappy if they feel devalued or mistreated on a personal level at work.

His message seems to be that happiness stems from feeling appreciated as a person, not just as an employee, and that businesses should focus primarily on treating all individuals with compassion. In summary, Jay Z is advocating for prioritizing human relationships over money alone as the path to creating a positive work environment.

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