Hillary Clinton: Modest Basic Income

Posted by admin on Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Hillary Clinton Money Quote saying in her book ‘What Happened’ that UBI makes sense to her and she considered running on that concept. Hillary Clinton said:
Provide every American with a modest basic income every year Quote

“You can provide every American with a modest basic income every year. Besides cash in people’s pockets, it would also be a way of making every American feel more connected to our country and to one another – part of something bigger than ourselves” — Hillary Clinton


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In this quote, Hillary Clinton seems to be expressing support for the idea of implementing a universal basic income program in the United States. She suggests that providing all Americans with a “modest basic income every year” in the form of direct cash payments could achieve multiple goals.

Clinton believes it would literally put more money in people’s pockets through a basic level of financial support. But she also argues it could help foster greater social cohesion by making every citizen feel more invested in the nation and connected to their fellow Americans as members of a shared national community.

Clinton’s statement implies a basic income could address both economic security and social solidarity by giving all people a foundation of financial resources while also strengthening shared bonds of national identity.

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