Henry Ford: Cure for Materialism

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Henry Ford Money Quotation saying he believes people won’t obsess over money if they have enough and can live in comfort without fear of lack. Henry Ford said:
The cure for materialism is to have enough for everbody and to share Quote

“The cure for materialism is to have enough for everybody and to share” — Henry Ford


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In this quote, Henry Ford seems to be commenting on how to address the issue of materialism in society. He suggests that the “cure” for excessive focus on wealth and possessions is to ensure all people have their basic needs met and to promote a spirit of sharing resources with others.

Ford appears to believe that as long as some lack necessities while others accumulate far beyond their needs, materialism will persist as a social ill.

However, he implies that in a world where resources are distributed equitably and people generously share what they have, preoccupation with acquiring and flaunting material goods would diminish.

Overall, the quote conveys Ford’s view that abundance for all coupled with cooperation can help remedy the negatives associated with prioritizing wealth and consumption.

Henry Ford Birthday July 30, 1863


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