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Posted by admin on Friday, April 22, 2022

George Bernard Shaw Money Quote saying it’s better to have your head on straight on very little money, than distorted views with big money. George Bernard Shaw said:
Better see rightly on a pound a week than squint on a million Quote

“Better see rightly on a pound a week than squint on a million” — George Bernard Shaw


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George Bernard Shaw was saying that it is better to have a clear and accurate understanding of the world even if you have little money, rather than having distorted or biased views just because you have a lot of money.

He felt that having a lot of money could cause people to lose objectivity and see things inaccurately.

Shaw valued having the truth and seeing reality clearly over having wealth if it meant losing perspective. His quote suggests that intellectual and moral integrity are more important than financial gain.

Birthday: July 26, 1856 – Death: November 2, 1950

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