Euripides: Money Wise Man’s Religion

Posted by admin on Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Meaning of Euripides Money Quote: saying those with any wisdom realize that we must study money and revere monetary principles. Euripides said:
Money is the wise man's religion Quote

“Money is the wise man’s religion” — Euripides


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In this quote, Euripides is suggesting that money acts as a kind of religion or guiding force for those who are wise. The best interpretation is that he means prudent, thoughtful people recognize the practical importance and necessity of having financial resources to support themselves and their goals.

For such sensible individuals, money takes on an almost sacred significance as something indispensable for living well and achieving one’s aims. Euripides appears to be acknowledging that while money may not be the highest priority for all, it plays a vital role for those who approach life’s challenges strategically and rationally.

His point is that the prudent recognize their need to generate and manage wealth in order to thrive.

Birthday: c. 480 BC – Death: c. 406 BC

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