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Posted by admin on Sunday, August 14, 2022

Meaning of Barbara Corcoran Money Quote: saying it is difficult to spend and invest in your home when selling it, but buyers demand it. Barbara Corcoran said:
You may not like the idea of putting money into a home when you're moving out. But it's demanded by the market Quote

“You may not like the idea of putting money into a home when you’re moving out. But it’s demanded by the market. You need to show it off. You don’t have to rip out the kitchen and bathroom. But maybe replace the tiles or the countertops. Get professional advice” — Barbara Corcoran


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In this quote, Barbara Corcoran seems to be advising homeowners on making targeted renovations even when preparing to move out, in order to appeal to potential buyers and get the best sale price. Some key points:

  • She acknowledges homeowners may not want to invest money into a home they’re leaving, but says upgrades are “demanded by the market” to attract buyers.
  • Corcoran suggests minor renovations like replacing tiles, countertops or fixtures to freshen up the property without undertaking major overhauls.
  • Her advice implies visual kerb appeal and curb appeal are important to stand out in the real estate market and justify a competitive listing price.
  • Corcoran also recommends getting “professional advice” to determine the most cost-effective projects to boost value.

Overall, the quote conveys Corcoran’s perspective that some strategic renovations can help “show off” a home’s best features to buyers and optimize resale value, even for owners ready to move, making certain investments of time and money worthwhile close to departure according to her real estate expertise. Minor touches versus total remodels are the advice.

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