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David George on Haunting Unemployment

Posted by admin on Thursday, October 31, 2013

David Lloyd George Money Quotation haunting ghosts and goblins of cash frightening the poor and those at risk of losing their money. David Lloyd George said:
Four specters haunt the poor -- old age, accident, sickness and unemployment Quote

“Four specters haunt the poor — old age, accident, sickness and unemployment” — David Lloyd George


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This quote from David Lloyd George suggests that those living in poverty are precariously threatened by four looming dangers – old age which can limit earning potential, accidents which may cause injury, sickness which can lead to medical costs, and unemployment which eliminates income.

The quote implies that the poor live under the constant specter or shadow of these four circumstances which could derail their livelihood at any time through no real fault of their own.

Lloyd George appears to have been highlighting how those in poverty lack a social safety net and face a precarious existence at the mercy of events outside their control like aging, injuries, illness or losing their job.

The overall message is that vulnerability to these four conditions makes being poor a stressful state with few resources to fall back on during hardship.

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