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Michael Bassey Johnson: Ideas Expensive

Posted by admin on Sunday, December 17, 2023

Meaning of Michael Bassey Johnson Money Quote: saying the very most expensive of ideas come from you, don’t let anyone make them cheap! Michael Bassey Johnson said:
Your ideas are expensive, let no one cheapen them.” ― Michael Bassey Johnson Quote

“Your ideas are expensive, let no one cheapen them” — Michael Bassey Johnson


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This quote from Michael Bassey Johnson suggests that one’s ideas and thoughts hold great value, even if not tangible or monetary.

The quote implies that our creative concepts, perspectives and intellectual property should not be diminished, degraded or “cheapened” as if they are worthless.

Johnson appears to be encouraging people to recognize the worth of their own ideas and not allow others to unjustly minimize or undervalue their thoughts.

The overall message is that innovative ideas, even if unrefined, are deserving of respect, and one should avoid letting anyone treat their concepts as insignificant or of little worth.

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