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Amy Neftzger: Currency of Opinions

Posted by admin on Saturday, March 10, 2018

Amy Neftzger Money Quote saying you can’t purchase anything with opinions, nor can you save them and earn a return, because they have no value. Amy Neftzger said:
Opinions are a useless currency Quote

“Opinions are a useless currency” — Amy Neftzger


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In this quote, Amy Neftzger is suggesting that opinions alone have little practical value or “currency” compared to other forms of knowledge and information. Some key points:

  • Neftzger implies that merely having or expressing opinions is not very useful or impactful in and of itself.
  • She conveys opinions do not translate into much real influence, change or benefit for others in the way that facts, skills, creative works or other substantive contributions might.
  • The quote characterizes opinions as more of an “useless currency” that does not directly improve lives or accomplish goals in a tangible way.
  • Neftzger promotes focusing more on developing expertise, sharing insights backed by evidence or experience, and creating works/solutions that enrich others rather than just opining.

Overall, the message is that opinions hold limited worth or currency compared to more fact-based, experience-driven or practically applicable forms of information that can directly empower people or move goals and projects forward in a concrete way.

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