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Posted by admin on Wednesday, December 6, 2023

Meaning of Steve Goodier Money Quote: saying Pay a dedication tax to succeed and you’ll find the price was worth it. Steve Goodier said:

We pay a tax you'll find the price was worth it Quote

“We pay a tax to succeed at anything worthwhile. That tax is called dedication, and here’s the most wonderful part. Once you pay it, once you truly dedicate yourself to something important, you’ll find the price was worth it” — Steve Goodier


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In this quote, Steve Goodier is referring to the effort and commitment required to achieve success in meaningful pursuits. He says that to “succeed at anything worthwhile”, one must be willing to “pay a tax” of full dedication and commitment to that goal or endeavor. This “tax” of dedication requires focused time, energy and persistence to see something through.

However, Goodier notes that once a person pays this tax by truly dedicating themselves, they will find that all the effort was worthwhile because of the satisfaction and rewards of accomplishing their important goal or task. So in essence, he is saying meaningful success does not come easily but requires paying the price of unwavering dedication, which ultimately proves to be a cost that is well worth it.

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