Mick Mulvaney: Republican, Democrat Deficit

Posted by admin on Friday, December 16, 2016

Mick Mulvaney Money Quote saying his priority is spending less taxpayer money regardless of political affiliation of the appropriation. Mick Mulvaney said:
A Republican deficit is the same as a Democrat deficit Quote

“A Republican deficit is the same as a Democrat deficit” — Mick Mulvaney


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In this quote, Mick Mulvaney seems to be arguing that budget deficits should not be viewed or treated differently based on which political party is in power. A few key points:

  • Mulvaney is directly challenging the notion that deficits are only a problem when one party controls government versus another.
  • He implies Republicans are being hypocritical if they criticize deficits under Democrats but ignore or downplay them when their own party is in the White House.
  • The quote suggests Mulvaney believes deficits themselves are the real issue regardless of partisan politics, rather than just a cudgel used against the opposing team.
  • Overall, Mulvaney appears to be calling for a more consistent and bipartisan approach to fiscal responsibility that does not spin deficits as only a concern depending on electoral outcomes.

So in summary, this quote conveys Mulvaney’s view that budget deficits should be evaluated based on their economic impact rather than exploited for political gain against the other party in power.

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