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Posted by admin on Friday, July 19, 2019

Lizzie Borden Money Quote saying when we spend our money, it is voting for something and should not be wasted. Lizzie Borden said:
Your money is your power and each time you spend it, it's a vote for something, so make it count Quote

“Your money is your power and each time you spend it, it’s a vote for something, so make it count” — Lizzie Borden


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In this quote, Lizzie Borden seems to be emphasizing the influence and impact that individuals have through their consumer spending choices. By saying “your money is your power”, she suggests financial capital translates to a form of power in the marketplace.

And when spending money, “it’s a vote for something”, implying each purchase supports or promotes certain companies, products, services or ideas. Borden advises people to “make it count” by intentionally choosing what to spend money on in a way that aligns with one’s values. Her view is that conscious consumption allows individuals to indirectly support what they believe in through the free market.

Overall, the quote conveys that people’s money gives them influence over industries and issues, so they should thoughtfully direct their spending in a way that aligns with and advances their priorities and principles.

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