Herbert Hoover on Business Purpose & Materialism

Posted by admin on Sunday, March 3, 2013

Herbert Hoover Money Quotation saying businesses need higher priorities than that of getting more cash. Herbert Hoover said:
American business needs a lifting purpose greater than the struggle of materialism Quote

“American business needs a lifting purpose greater than the struggle of materialism” — Herbert Hoover


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In this quote, Herbert Hoover seems to be suggesting that American business would benefit from having a higher goal and motivation beyond just the pursuit of profits and wealth accumulation.

By saying business needs “a lifting purpose greater than the struggle of materialism”, Hoover appears to believe corporations and industry should also aim to serve societal needs and values, not just the financial interests of owners and shareholders.

The quote conveys Hoover’s view that business would be improved and strengthened if it had an additional purpose related to uplifting people’s lives, rather than focusing solely on material gain and economic measures.

Overall, Hoover was communicating his opinion that American enterprise would be better served by also prioritizing non-financial objectives that contribute to the greater good.

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