Earl Riney: Dollars & Sense

Posted by admin on Sunday, May 22, 2022

Earl Riney Money Quote saying that having money is better if there’s some good sense involved. Earl Riney said:
Dollars do better if they are accompanied by sense Quote

Dollars do better if they are accompanied by sense” — Earl Riney


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In this quote, Earl Riney is emphasizing the importance of wisdom and prudence when it comes to money matters. The best interpretation is that Riney believes dollars or money alone are not enough – they need to be “accompanied by sense” to achieve their full potential or be put to their best use.

Having money is meaningless without also having good sense, judgment and decision-making skills. Riney sees money and “sense” as a combined force that allows one to maximize the value and benefits of their financial resources. The quote conveys that effectively managing money over time requires pairing dollars with sensible thinking and a level-headed approach.

Birthday: February 18, 1890 – Death: August 17, 1965

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