Dave Ramsey: Be an Adult & Budget

Posted by admin on Monday, February 19, 2018

Dave Ramsey Money Quote saying adults are planners and goal-setters, while children are impulsive and randomly seek fun. Be the adult with money and build a budget. Dave Ramsey said:
Adults plan, children do waht feels good. Be an adult and make a budget. Quote

“Adults devise a plan and follow it. Children do what feels good. Be an adult and make a budget” — Dave Ramsey


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Dave Ramsey seems to be encouraging people to take responsibility for their financial situation by acting like an adult rather than a child. His point is that adults carefully plan their spending by creating and following a budget, while children may simply spend money on whatever feels good in the moment without regard for the future. By making and sticking to a budget, his advice implies people can avoid financial stress and better achieve their goals.

While budgets require discipline, they promote accountability and help ensure basic needs are met before wants are satisfied. Overall, Ramsey is advocating practical money management skills like budgeting so people’s finances are directed by a thoughtful plan rather than impulsive feelings alone.


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