Clifford Odets: Life Dollar Bills

Posted by admin on Sunday, December 1, 2019

Clifford Odets Money Quote saying we should have a purpose beyond money for our lives. Clifford Odets said:
Life shouldn't be printed on dollar bills Quote

“Life shouldn’t be printed on dollar bills” — Clifford Odets


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In this quote, Clifford Odets is suggesting that true meaning, value and purpose in life cannot be defined or dictated by monetary wealth. While money is necessary to live in the modern world, it should not become the sole focus or metric by which one judges their life’s worth.

Odets appears to be advocating that what really matters are things like relationships, experiences, contributions and personal growth – not the size of one’s bank balance. The quote conveys a sentiment that a rich life is about more than financial gain, and that non-material qualities like compassion, integrity and making a difference are far more important than any dollar figure.

Overall, Odets is expressing the idea that life’s meaning cannot be reduced to or contained by mere currency.

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