Charles Baudelaire: Profit Scandal

Posted by admin on Thursday, February 15, 2024

Meaning of Charles Baudelaire Money Quote: saying God and religion are scandalous issues that can lead to profits. Charles Baudelaire said:

God is a scandal, - a profitable scandal Quote

“God is a scandal, – a profitable scandal” — Charles Baudelaire


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This enigmatic quote from Charles Baudelaire seems to suggest that God, or the concept of God, is a scandal in the sense that it causes controversy or offense. However, it also calls God “profitable,” implying that while God may scandalize some, the idea of God is also useful or advantageous in some way.

Baudelaire may have been commenting on how religion can be exploited for profit or influence, even as it divides people. Overall, the quote leaves the precise interpretation ambiguous, perhaps to provoke thought on the complex relationship between God, scandal, and human motives.

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