Ben Cohen: Voice Equals Size of Wallet

Posted by admin on Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Ben Cohen Money Quotation saying political voice can be directly proportional to the amount of money contributed to corrupt politicians. Ben Cohen said:
Ben Cohen In D.C., the power of your voice is proportional to the size of your wallet quote

“In D.C., the power of your voice is proportional to the size of your wallet” — Ben Cohen


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Ben Cohen seems to be suggesting that in Washington D.C., the influence and impact someone can have (“the power of your voice”) is directly tied to (“proportional to”) their financial resources (“the size of your wallet”).

Specifically, he implies that those with more money and wealth have an advantage in making their voices heard and views felt within the political system. His point appears to be that money plays a dominant role in determining how much clout and sway individuals or groups can wield in the nation’s capital.

Overall, the quote indicates that Cohen views the political process in D.C. as largely driven and shaped by financial considerations, with those who can contribute more money having disproportionately louder voices as a result.

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