Amit Kalantri: World Constructed Poor

Posted by admin on Thursday, August 3, 2017

Amit Kalantri Money Quote saying those who rule the world are wealthy, but those who built it all are always the poor. Amit Kalantri said:
Amit Kalantri World is Administered by the Rich Built by the Poor

“The world is administered by rich but it is constructed by poor” — Amit Kalantri


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In this quote, Amit Kalantri seems to be making an observation about the different roles that the rich and poor play in society. By stating that the world is “administered by rich but…constructed by poor”, Kalantri appears to be arguing that while the wealthy govern and manage various systems and institutions, it is often the less affluent who do the physical labor to build and develop infrastructure, industries and services.

The quote suggests the poor form the backbone of productive work that drives progress, even if they have less influence over decision-making. Overall, Kalantri seems to be acknowledging an imbalance where the rich direct operations but much of the behind-the-scenes development work is performed by those with fewer financial resources.

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