Alexander Pope: Satan Makes Rich Not Poor

Posted by admin on Saturday, September 1, 2018

Alexander Pope Money Quote saying the devil may threaten poverty or promised wealth, but the latter has proven more reliable coercion. Alexander Pope said:
Satan is wiser now than before, and tempts by making rich instead of poor Quote

“Satan is wiser now than before, and tempts by making rich instead of poor” — Alexander Pope


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This quote by Alexander Pope seems to be referring to how temptation and the tactics of Satan have evolved over time.

Pope suggests that Satan was “wiser now than before”, implying his methods had grown more sophisticated. The quote contrasts how Satan “tempts by making rich instead of poor”, indicating that in the past Satan may have tempted people through promises of wealth or possessions, but now understands human psychology better and knows that tempting people when they already feel rich or successful can be even more effective.

The overall interpretation is that Pope is commenting on how even immaterial forces like temptation can evolve and adapt their strategies, and that preying on feelings of wealth or abundance in a person, rather than lack or poverty, may be a more potent way to lead them towards sin or corruption in the modern world according to Pope’s perspective.

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