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Harvey Mackay: Being Rich – State of Mind

Posted by admin on Saturday, January 24, 2015

Harvey Mackay Money Quotation saying in a commencement address to MBA graduates at Penn State University that wealth comes from simple pleasures and not from dollars. Harvey Mackay said:

Being rich isn’t about money. Being rich is a state of mind. Some of us, no matter how much money we have, will never be free enough to take time to stop and eat the heart of the watermelon. And some of us will be rich without ever being more than a paycheck ahead of the game
— Harvey Mackay

Harvey MacKay on Cost of Experience

Posted by admin on Saturday, March 30, 2013

Funny Money Quotes: Exchanging cash for experience and experience with cash is common in business. Harvey MacKay said:

When a person with money meets a person with experience, the person with the experience winds up with the money and the person with the money winds up with the experience
— Harvey MacKay

Harvey Mackay: Accountants & Losing Kids

Posted by admin on Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Harvey Mackay Money Quotation saying accountants can be worth far more to us than their cost suggests – if they act as advocates for maximum value. Harvey Mackay said:

Day in and day out, your tax accountant can make or lose you more money than any single person in your life, with the possible exception of your kids

— Harvey Mackay

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