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William Shakespeare: Pay Too Much Freely

Posted by admin on Tuesday, September 12, 2017

William Shakespeare Money Quote saying saying via Camillo in ‘The Winters Tale’ that even when a gift is generously given, you can expect payment will be exacted. William Shakespeare said:
You pay a great deal too dear for what's given freely Quote

“You pay a great deal too dear for what’s given freely” — William Shakespeare

Birthday April 23, 1564 – Died April 23, 1616

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In this quote, William Shakespeare is suggesting that something obtained without cost may have greater value than something purchased at a high price.

The interpretation is that Shakespeare views things given or received freely as more worthwhile than those that require an excessive financial payment.

The underlying message seems to be that what is willingly given holds more worth than what must be dearly bought, and that it is better to receive something as a gift than to overpay for it.

Overall, the quote conveys that free benefits are not properly appreciated if taken for granted or exchanged for something that demands too high a monetary worth.

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