Stephen King: A Money Bastard

Posted by admin on Wednesday, January 4, 2023

Meaning of Stephen King Money Quote: saying how people behave with money in ways that might define other parts of their lives. Stephen King said:
A man who loves money is a bastard who is a fool. You don't hate him Quote

“A man who loves money is a bastard, someone to be hated. A man who can’t take care of it is a fool. You don’t hate him, but you got to pity him” — Stephen King


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In this quote, Stephen King is giving his perspective on how money should be viewed. He says that a man who is obsessed with money and loves it above all else is a “bastard” who deserves to be hated. However, a man who cannot manage his money or take care of it is simply a “fool” who deserves pity rather than hate.

The overall message seems to be that while money is important and should be handled responsibly, becoming consumed by greed for wealth is wrong, and financial incompetence is more a subject of pity than scorn. King suggests a balanced, pragmatic view – that money needs to be realistically dealt with, but should not define one’s character or worth.

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