Sophocles: Nothing Vile as Money

Posted by admin on Monday, May 1, 2023

Meaning of Sophocles Money Quote: saying nothing can be as rotten as money can be sometimes. Sophocles said:

Of all vile things current on earth, none is so vile as money Quote

“Of all vile things current on earth, none is so vile as money” — Sophocles


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In this quote, Sophocles is expressing a strongly negative view of money. He sees money as one of the most vile or despicable things in the world. The quote suggests that Sophocles believes money has the potential to corrupt people’s values and priorities, and that a strong emphasis on accumulating wealth can undermine moral character.

He appears to be warning about the dangers of allowing money to become one’s overriding motivation or measure of self-worth. Overall, the quote presents money in a very negative light and implies that prioritizing it above other things can degrade one’s humanity.

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