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Posted by admin on Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Shirley Temple Black Money Quote saying if we acknowledge that lost time is lost money, then losing either one is definitely is a problem. Shirley Temple Black said:
Time is money. Wasted time means wasted money means trouble Quote

“Time is money. Wasted time means wasted money means trouble” — Shirley Temple Black


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In this quote, Shirley Temple Black is emphasizing the value of time and how it relates directly to money and potential problems. She states that time is equivalent to money, so wasting time essentially means wasting money. Black suggests this can then lead to “trouble” in the form of financial or career issues that result from squandering a valuable resource.

Overall, the quote conveys Black’s view that time management is important, as using time efficiently correlates to both monetary gains and avoiding problems down the line, while failing to maximize one’s hours carries an economic and practical cost. She is stressing that making the most of time translates professionally and financially.

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