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Posted by admin on Monday, January 24, 2022

Rich Sommer Money Quote saying it might be the nice weather or that one is emmployed, L.A. is nice. New York can be dreary. Rich Sommer said:
New York don't have any money, and you feel like a bad Dickens character Quote

“I don’t know if it’s the sunshine, or the fact that I actually have a job, but I do like L.A. a lot. In New York, it can be gray and rainy and cold, and you still don’t have any money, and you feel like a bad Dickens character” — Rich Sommer


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In this quote, Rich Sommer seems to be comparing his experiences living in Los Angeles versus New York City from a financial and psychological perspective. Specifically:

  • He notes that in LA, there is abundant sunshine which can positively impact one’s mood, along with the fact that having steady work provides income stability.
  • In NYC on the other hand, the weather is often gray, rainy and cold, mirroring how those struggling also feel inside without financial security.
  • Sommer suggests the lack of money in NYC despite the difficult climate makes one feel like a downtrodden character from Dickensian fiction, always facing hardships.

The best interpretation is that Sommer believes LA offered him greater emotional well-being through its sunshine and his employment, whereas in NYC the dreary weather exacerbated feelings of depression and being adrift without stable work and pay according to his experience. He contrasts the more positive state of mind living in LA afforded him versus life in NYC without funds.

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