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Posted by admin on Monday, December 12, 2016

Tax Attorney Mike Rhoades Money Quote saying when you win the lottery get someone you trust to protect you from those who will be targeting your wallet. Mike Rhoades said:
After you win the lottery, you now have a target on your wallet Quote

“After you win the lottery, one of the first things to do is put together a list of people you trust and make one of them a buffer — someone who will deal with those who come out of the woodwork, because you now have a target on your wallet” — Mike Rhoades


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In this quote, Mike Rhoades seems to be offering advice about protecting one’s privacy and finances after winning a large lottery prize. He suggests that winners should compile a list of trusted individuals, and designate one person as a “buffer” to handle interactions with others on their behalf.

Rhoades implies that winning a lottery puts a “target on your wallet,” meaning the windfall could attract unwanted attention from freeloaders, schemers, or lost connections attempting to exploit the winner’s newfound wealth.

His recommendation aims to prevent being overwhelmed or taken advantage of by distancing oneself, through a trusted representative, from those “coming out of the woodwork” seeking a share.

Overall, the quote conveys Rhoades’ perspective that lottery winners should take proactive steps like designating someone to screen interactions as a means of maintaining privacy and guarding against opportunists after their new status is publicized.

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