Marshall McLuhan: Wealth Creates the Poor

Posted by admin on Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Marshall McLuhan Money Quote saying Wealth creates the poor. Marshall McLuhan said:
Affluence creates poverty Quote

“Affluence creates poverty” — Marshall McLuhan


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In this quote, Marshall McLuhan is making a paradoxical statement about the relationship between wealth and poverty in society. He seems to be suggesting that as affluence, or wealth, increases overall in an economy, it can inadvertently contribute to or even create greater poverty for some groups.

McLuhan may have been referring to how advanced economies tend to leave some people behind, as new technologies replace jobs and growing inequality leaves a portion of the population struggling despite general prosperity. His point could also relate to how overconsumption in affluent nations depletes global resources and exacerbates poverty in developing parts of the world.

So in McLuhan’s view, widespread affluence within a social system may end up producing more poverty as an unintended byproduct, through various economic and social changes brought on by growing wealth and modernization over time.

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