Liberace: Worked to Earn Millions

Posted by admin on Tuesday, June 8, 2021

Liberace Money Quote saying that because he grew up poor and has worked hard since then, that he was deserving of his extravagances and wealth. Liberace said:
I've worked hard to earn $3 million a year. I deserve what I get because I worked for it Quote

“I once was poor myself. I worked to get where I am today and I’ve worked hard to spend $100,000 a year on my clothes and I’ve worked hard to earn $3 million a year. I deserve what I get because I worked for it” — Liberace


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In this quote, Liberace is defending his lavish and extravagant lifestyle against those who may criticize it. He acknowledges that he once was poor, but worked very hard to achieve great success as an entertainer.

Liberace argues that because he earns $3 million per year currently through his efforts, he deserves to spend large sums like $100,000 annually on clothing as a reward for his accomplishments and hard work.

Essentially, Liberace is saying that large expenditures are justified when matched by equally large earnings, since he views the money as rightfully belonging to him given the labor he put in to attain his high income level through entertainment.

He sees no issue with indulging in luxury given how hard he worked to reach a position where he can readily afford an opulent lifestyle.

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